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Green Planet Productions was founded by Francois Nolte in 2005. The Company started out in a garage producing some of the first Music Videos for the local scene. The big break came in 2006 when the “prank reality show “AF” became a smash hit on the afrikaans music channel MK89 later called MK.

Nolte together with then partner Stephan Neethling decided to focus on producing Television content and within months the company had 4  shows running on kykNET and MK.

Green Planet Productions always had one goal in mind and that was to create fresh and innovate local content and specificly focused on the Afrikaans Market. In 2010 Francois Nolte was offered the oppertunity to launch the first independent afrikaans News Bulletin in the history of South-African Television.

Nolte took it with both hands and for the next 3 years Green Planet took a bit of a backseat with only 2 fulltime programs on air,but in 2013 it was time to launch some new ideas.

Hoor-Hoor! a performance driven music show was launched on kykNET with great success. Just over a year later the Top20 chart show followed and then in 2015 it was time for the big one. Varsity Sing was born and the show aired on Television for the first time in July of 2016.  In October of the same year Green Planet Productions produced the first ever live 90 minute choir competition program in the history of modern south African television. We believe that in the coming years Green Planet under the leadership of Francois Nolte will be responsible for some more great moments in South African film and Television.

These are a few of the functions Green Planet Productions offers:

 Television Production
 Events Management
 Corporate Video’s
 High-end Video’s & Photographic

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